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ElJay is OK!

Return of the meetup.com LJ meetup

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Oklahoma City Livejournal Meetup

Return of the meetup.com LJ meetup

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After thinking about it for a while , I have decided to startup the Meetup.com OKC LiveJournal Meetup page.

I feel like the group is fragmenting and that communication is at a low point.

The meetups would only take place one or maybe two times a month, and that would allow people to do the gameshop or other events on the other nights. This works well for me, since I have somethings on Tuesday nights i will be attending fairly regularly.

I am also hoping to get some new blood into the group again. It's always fun to bring in new people to get to know. Hopefully Matt won't scare as many off as he did last time. :P I kid! I kid!

Go check out the site and sign if you think it is a good idea. If you do not, discuss it here and maybe we can think of a better idea.

And yes it did cost money to start this back up, so if you are willing to toss a few bucks my way each month I would appreciate it.

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