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ElJay is OK!

Tuesday night is all right!

Oklahoma City Livejournal Meetup
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This is a meetup community for bloggers in the Oklahoma City area. Every Tuesday night, we gather for food and friends at a local dive. We support local coffee shops, independent restaurants and diners with weird murals. This is no-stress socialization designed to break up the week, catch up with friends and meet new people.

All communications about Tuesday night locations, times and other special events will be here so you must be a member of this group to find out where the hell we are on Tuesdays.

The moderators will need to approve your request to join. We decided to keep the community invitation-only simply because we understand that some people might have reservations about joining a community that gives anyone with an LJ access to their where-abouts. It's not foolproof, but taking the extra step of approving membership gives us some protection against known trolls, stalkers, and abusers.

However, as a group, it is our goal to remain as inclusive as possible. Please don't hesitate to request membership and meet some new people in OKC!